The Academic
Board at its
meeting of
Tuesday 8th
considered the
report of the
College Management on the students’ crisis and
has directed as follows:
a. That the Federal College of Education
(Technical) Akoka Students Union
Constitution should be suspended until further
b. That the Students Union Executive and the
Students Legislative Council should be dissolved
c. That nominated Departmental representatives
should work with the College Management
through the Students’ Affairs Office in the
d. That the FCET Akoka Constitution should be
reviewed to include conflict resolution
mechanisms such as establishment of Judicial
Arm and Financial Guidelines, which shall be the
prelude to subsequent elections into students
union offices.
e. That the College shall re-open for full
academic activities on Monday, 14th November
2016 with NCE II and III commencing on-line
registration for the 2016/2017 1st Semester. All
returning students must sign an Undertaking to
be of good behavior which must be properly
endorsed by their parents/guardians.
.f. Obstruction/Locking of College Gates or
invasion of any facility during any protest is
hereby prohibited. Students that violate this
regulation shall be expelled forthwith from the
Students are reminded that the award of the
College Certificate is made to persons who are
found to be worthy in “learning and character”.