Paul University, Awka resumption dates (for
fresh students) and other details pertaining to
returning on campus for the 2016/2017 academic
Authority of the Paul University, Awka has
announced the resumption dates for the
commencement of the 2016/2017 academic
session for both new and returning students.
1. All students who have accepted their
admission into Paul University and paid the
prescribed fees as
scheduled below are required to:
i. Arrive on the campus on Monday, 21st
November, 2015 (preferably before 6.00pm).
ii. Bring along the following items – 2 sets of
bed sheets and pillow slips for a 3ft-wide bed, a
bucket, toiletries and a Laptop Computer.
2. All students are to pay the prescibed fees
through the following banks as scheduled below:
I. Zenith Bank: Account Name: Paul University,
Account Number: 1012421366
II. Access Bank: Account Name: Paul University,
Account Number: 0019935560
(a) Acceptance and Portal Access fees: N22,000
(b) Accommodation & Tuition Fee: N 300,000 (can
be paid in two equal installments)
(c) Medical Fee: N6,000
(These fees are to be paid in three (3) different
3. It is mandatory that all students will reside in
the University Hostels.
4. Students are not allowed to go outside the
campus except with permission for which they
are given an exeat
which they must carry with them when they are
outside the campus.
5. Dress Code: During lecture period and for all
official occasions and movement outside the
campus, students
of the Faculty of Arts, Management, and Social
Sciences will wear Purple shirt and those of the
Faculty of
Natural and Applied Sciences will wear baby pink
shirt on top of black trousers for male students
and skirts for
the female students. The trousers and skirts will
be made with suiting materials.
General (for all students) : White top on black
Faculty of Arts, Management and Social
Sciences: Purple top on black trousers/skirt
Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences: Baby
pink top on black trousers/skirt.
6. Feeding is by P.A.Y.E (Pay As You Eat) in the
7. The students are required to bring to the
Registration Table the original and four
photocopies of their
credentials and 12 passport photographs.
8. Portal Registration and Registration of
From 2016/2017 Academic Year, Paul University
started the full AUTOMATION of its Students
Record and
Activities. The roll-out of this system is being
done in parallel with the MANUAL System. Every
student is
expected to do Portal Registration once he/she
pays the prescribed School fees as specified in
Schedule of
fees above.
Every student should follow the process below to
complete his/her Portal and Courses
1. Visit our website, to access our
admission information
2. Pay at any of our bank branches nation-
wide, the Application Form fee.
3. Start off Application process by clicking
Apply Now! menu link for admission
application form filling and submission.
4. Select Application with Bank Teller
Submission option and click on the BEGIN
button on the page.
5. After submission of the application form,
wait for your Admission Letter email
notification from the Admission Officer.
6. After receiving your Admission Letter,
proceed to any of bank branches to pay
Acceptance and Portal Access fees.
7. Proceed to our portal, click on Acceptance
menu link, select Submit Bank Teller option
from the dropdown options available
on the page. Fill the form with your
Acceptance Payment teller information,
submit after filling the form and wait for
your acceptance fee payment confirmation
8. When acceptance payment is confirmed, a
notification is sent to your email which
contains your Acceptance of Offer of
Admission and Pledge attachment as well
as our web portal link to download same
document if need be.
9. The Acceptance Offer of Admission &
Pledge notification email above also comes
with your Form Number as your
USERNAME and a 6-character auto
generated PASSWORD that will allow you
access to the portal.
10. Proceed to any of our bank branches to
payment your Tuition, Accommodation and
Medical fees as scheduled above.
11. On the portal, click on Tuition/Portal
Access menu link, select Submit Bank Teller
and click BEGIN button. Fill out the
payment submission form, submit it and
wait for your payment confirmation
notification from the authorized officer,
which gets to you by email.
12. Login to the portal by clicking Sign-In
menu link. On the Login section of the
page, enter your USERNAME (which
is your Form Number ) and PASSWORD sent
to you through email notification.
13. Continue with your studentship registration
by clicking Studentship Register menu link
on the left side of your page.
14. At the end of this studentship registration
exercise, a formal REGISTRATION NUMBER
would be generated automatically and the
Portal will update your existing USERNAME
with this same number which will
henceforth become your Portal USERNAME
throughout your stay in the university.
15. After the studentship registration, proceed
to course registration by clicking Course
Register menu link at the left side of the
16. To check your semester examination
results, click on Results menu link. Select
the necessary result search combinations
that are available for you and click CHECK
NOW button.
17. To view your User Profile and change your
PASSWORD, then click on User Details
menu link.
18. Click Sign-Out menu link to logout of the
system which is very essential at all time
to avoid unauthorized intruders into your
student portal dashboard.
What to do on arrival on Campus:
As you cross the Entrance Gate;
1. Proceed directly to the reception desk at
the Senate Chambers.
2. Enter your particulars in the Arrival
Register as required.
3. Fees Clearance and Collection of
Registration Package: Report at the Senate
Chambers and present your fee payment
slip/bank teller to the Bursary Desk in
exchange of an official receipt. Thereafter,
proceed to the Registry Desk to fill out a
Register and collect Registration Materials
(Four Files and Course List) and a Hostel/
Class Admit Card.
4. Fill out the forms in the Registration
5. After 1 – 4 above, proceed to the Students’
Hostels as guided, and report to the Hall
Administrator who will allocate a room to
6. Orientation Exercise: Orientation for new
students will take place from 22nd to 24th
November, 2016. Venue: Senate Chambers.
For further inquiry, please call:
Ag.Registrar: 08032343834
PRO: 08033392089
Resumption date for Returning Students of Paul
University is Monday, 31st October, 2016.
Returning students shall identify themselves at
the university gate and be directed to the
NWAWKA BUILDING for Clearance by the
Bursary and issuance of Hostel/Class Admit Card
by the Registry.
After the search, cleared students who have
been issued with their Hostel/Class Admit Cards
shall proceed to the hostel where Security
personnel and Hall Administrators will check
them into their rooms.
Students who have not cleared their fee
payments and other debts will not be allowed
into the Halls of Residence except those who
reside outside the State who may be provided
with temporary accommodation until the next
Students who return after 6.00pm shall be given
temporary accommodation until they can be
properly cleared the next day by the Bursary.
The Male students must neatly shave their
beards and hairs. The female students are
advised not to come back with any type of
clothing that will encourage indecent dressing in
the campus.
Students who fail to return to the campus before
Monday, 7th November, 2016 shall pay a fine of
N5,000 (five thousand naira) on their return.