of University
of Lagos
(UNILAG) has
released a
schedule for
Data Capture
of 2016/2017 candidates admitted in the merit
The Venue is CITS.
The schedule us as indicated below;
1. DATE: Monday,14th Nov.,2016
TIME(MORNING): Faculty of Science
TIME(AFTERNOON): Faculty of Education
2. DATE: Tuesday,15th Nov.,2016
TIME(MORNING): Faculty of Bus. Admin
TIME(AFTERNOON): Faculty of Social Sciences
3. DATE: Wednesday, 16th Nov.,2016
TIME(MORNING): Faculty of Arts
TIME(AFTERNOON): Faculty of Env. Sciences,
College of Medicine
4. DATE: Thursday, 17th Nov., 2016
TIME(MORNING): Faculty of Engineering
TIME(AFTERNOON): Faculty of Law, Faculty of
5. DATE: Friday, 18th Nov., 2016
Mop-Up Exercise