of Federal
Ikwo (FUNAI),
has released a
calendar for 1st Semester 2016/2017 academic
According to the revised Academic Calendar, the
break down of academic activities is as follows;
1 Staff retreat/Orientation in preparation
for the new academic session: Wednesday, 2nd
November-Friday 4th November, 2016
2. Arrival of Fresh Students, provision of
Accommodation: Saturday, 12th November, 2016
3. Registration starts for fresh students: Monday,
14th November, 2016
4. Arrival of returning students, provision of
accommodation and registration for returning
students: Monday, 19th
November, 2016
5. Interdenominational service to inaugurate the
academic session: Sunday 20th November, 2016
6. Commencement of 1st semester lectures for
fresh students: Monday, 21st November, 2016
7. Convocation: Saturday, 26th November,2016
8. Commencement of 1st semester lectures for
returning students: Monday 28th November, 2016
9. Registration for courses end for fresh students
Friday, 16th December, 2016
10. Christmas Break/students depart from
campus: Saturday, 17th December-Saturday, 7th
January, 2017
11. Students return to campus: Sunday, 8th
January, 2017
12. Continuation of 1st Semester lectures:
Monday, 9th January-Friday 13th January 2017
13. Vice-Chancellor meets with Students and
staff Wednesday: 11th January, 2017
14. University Orientation for fresh students:
Thursday, 12th January-Friday, 13th January
15. Registration for courses end for returning
students Friday, 13th January, 2017
16. Mid-semester Examination for fresh students
Monday, 16th January-Friday, 28th January 2017
17. Matriculation: Wednesday, 18th January,
18. Mid-Semester Examination for returning
students: Monday, 21st January-Friday, 28th
January 2017
19. Last day for submission of mid-semester
Exam result to the department for processing:
Friday, 10th February, 2017
20. Revision week for fresh students: Monday,
13th March-Friday 18th March, 2017
21. 1st Semester Exam for fresh students:
Monday,21" March- Friday, 31st March 2017
22. Revision week for returning students:
Monday, 13th March — Friday, 18th March, 2017
23. 1st semester examination (200-400):
Monday, 20th March — Friday 31st March, 2017
24. End of 1st semester/Students vacate
campus: Sunday, 1st April, 2017
25. Marking and submission of 1st Semester
exam scripts/ results to the department:
Thursday ,27th April, 2017